About Crypto Staunch

This is a blog dedicated to educating anyone with a desire to start investing in cryptocurrency to earn money fast online, especially from ground up, as well as honing cryptopreneurial mindsets.

It is a passion driven project established to help amateur beginners, and advanced cryptopreneurs to make money in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

In other words, the platform is for enlightening individuals who would like to engage in Bitcoin an some other crypto investments.

About The ‘Staunch

Hi, my name is Mr. KingsHOK (The ‘Staunch)!

I run this cryptocurrency blog, as where I craft actionable guides on how to invest and make money with different crypto investments.

Most of what I publish on this community is based on first-hand experience from things learned throughout my journey to make money as a cryptopreneur.

Major goal is to help make you take strategic leaps forward into crypto income.

I’m based in a cool city in Nigeria, but wish to relocate to Hawaii, Arab or any other part of the world that is awesome.

I’ve spent over 4 years in the cryptocurrency space, with a background in both web development, digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition to my online technology background, I enjoy traveling, playing basketball, video games and surprise hangouts.

Why Crypto Staunch?

In a nutshell, it’s created out of obsession to know how a cryptopreneur (i.e. cryptocurrency supporter) can find unique path to success with different kinds of cryptocurrency project and assets.

It’s always updated with resources gathered with my own experiences throughout the journey of trying to earn a living investing in cryptocurrencies.

The blog

My personal reason for establishing this blog is to help individuals, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts gain more knowledge on how to earn more money or Bitcoins, trading and investing in fin-tech and blockchain assets.

This is a mission to help and support individuals, as well as other cryptocurrency enthusiasts that has love for the entire Crypto-Coin Market Capitalization towards substantially make money.

The newsletter

You can join other members of The ‘Staunch community to be among the first visitors that gets my guides, tutorials and reviews on cryptocurrency assets, products and services.

The newsletter is established to help you keep track of all my guide that will help you understand how to improve your financial goals and achievement.

The podcast

I have started a podcast, where I’ll be sharing some of my blog contents in audio (vocal) formats, so you can also listen to my guides, while you’re busy with daily activities.

Join The ‘Staunch Podcast show as you will learn how to make money, and become financially stable with cryptocurrency. I will be sharing knowledge and insights on how to be successful with crypto assets, as well as similar steps you can replicate to gain financial freedom.

My guests (if any) and I will always take on common problems in the crypto world like; earning, security, exchanges, private keys, crypto trading, development, cryptocurrency future and more.

You will get the same great, easy-to-understand content in all the re-packed blog content-to-podcast formats for on the go listening.

Enjoy your stay.