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Hello There! I’m Mr. Kings (Popularly known as KingsHOK). Actually the name is a combination of both my nickname and acronym to all my real names, but before i proceed, let’s make it clear that i am a graduate of Accountancy with BSc. certificate. I deserve an accolade right? Yeah i deserve it obviously.

If you must know, i am an SEO and WordPress Expert who loves everything blockchain (Fintech, Cryptocurrency Trading, Bitcoin Investment etc) and blogging.

A Bit Of My Experiences

I found blogging in 2013 when entertainment and celebrity gossip blogs (which i wouldn’t advice anyone to choose as niche currently) were actually the only niche in mind for every new blogger in the region as at then, so i joined the band wagon which never fetched me any dime as a blogger – even aside the blogosphere i wasn’t able to make any money despite the fact that i run expenses for internet data bundles.

In 2017, restructuring of the whole blogging business i started led to me founding a new blog (this one in particular)

IMPORTANT NOTE: To make money online blogging about celebrities or entertainment at large, you must either be a celebrity yourself or have a huge social media fan base, if not, you will never make money as a blogger and that is to say you may not live your dream lifestyle of being your own boss.

However, along the process of trying to find a genuine way to make decent money online blogging which led into later finding out so many lucrative ways to make money online, and being able to start living life off internet as an entrepreneur (which i am currently).


My personal reason for establishing this blog is to help individuals and cryptocurrency enthusiasts gain more knowledge on how to earn more money trading and investing in fintech or blockchain assets.

Join me in making money from this thing raving online that is known as cryptocurrencies, and i hope you enjoy your stay on my blog. Visit the cryptostaunch blog page to read latest guides.


If you have any inquiry or you will like to request for a special service, please kindly use the information you will see on the sidebar. Try to load this page on a desktop computer to see all the information.


I use the money realized from this particular page in the continuity, and towards helping some of the less privileged individuals who would like to have investment just like me and you.

However, if you would want to become a part of the community of investors that are helping these people, please do hand me over some tips by donating any portion of your crypto coins. Any amount is totally alright, and fully accepted ~ “like they use to say, a receiver doesn’t have choice”.

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Thanks a lot on their behalf in advanced, but while you have greatly contributed in these people’s life, maybe you should start here again on this blog, and I’ve got some blog posts updated just now… Enjoy yourself!