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How to Get More Sweatcoins

Getting more Sweatcoin is pretty easy somehow.

As most of the times, all you have to do is making it a habit to always walk around, or run with your mobile phones, while trying to get fit.

Are you looking for ways to get more SweatCoin faster, while walking, running or exercising as you keep your body fitness in shape?

Look no further, as here’s a working guide on how to optimize your Sweatcoin habits with main goal to get more Sweatcoins (SWC).

This is by far the most thorough guide on how to earn more Sweatcoins.

However, there are few tricks currently, which can help you to get paid while walking or running.

Below are all the recommended ways to get more Sweatcoin faster:

1. Don’t walk close to tall buildings

It’s proven that walking near tall buildings will shadow your place and your GPS will not track those steps, as it will consider them as indoor steps.

This plays a huge role on how to get more Sweatcoins.

To prevent this from happening, choose to either walk in old roads away from cities, or around parks without tall buildings nearby.

But recent update according to the Sweatcoin company, reveals that the app can now count indoor steps.

2. Take off your phone’s case

I noticed people who use their phone’s case while walking or running get less Sweatcoins when it’s time to convert them to PayPal.

To prevent this just take off your phone’s case when you want to grind Sweatcoins.

3. Turn off Battery Saver

This will allow the Sweatcoin app to check your steps more and verify even more steps than it would do while the option was on.

To do so go in your app settings, find the “Battery Saver” option and turn it off.

To maximize this even further turn off your phone’s Battery Saver as well, by going into your phone’s settings and locating & disabling the option.

4. Don’t move phone left/right to cheat algorithm

This is a known trick that used to work a while ago but got fixed for most of the part.

The algorithm could make you lose some real Sweatcoins if you try to do this, because you will get flagged.

5. Put phone inside your pocket

If your phone is placed inside your hoodie’s pocket or your shirt’s pocket you will lose some steps for sure.

It’s best to wear short pants and placing the phone inside its pocket to make sure you won’t have any lost steps.

6. Run slowly as an athlete

Some people are complaining of losing some steps due to their running speeds.

Sweatcoin’s algorithm doesn’t allow steps above a certain speed limit, to make sure people are walking or running.

It’s best if you run a bit slower than usual and just check what speed works best for you for maximum steps conversion.

7. Join Sweatcoin Influencer Marketplace

Whenever you invite a friend to join the app, and he ends up installing it and creating a valid account, you earn 1 referral point and 5 SWCs.

Imagine if you just posted it on your Facebook wall, while you have 3000 friends.

You could get up to 15,000 Sweatcoins if every one of your friends ended up clicking your link and installing the Sweatcoin app.

8. Use a high-end mobile gadget

Newer models of phones such as Samsung S9 & iPhone XR get custom updates for the app.

Their GPS tracking also works best for them since the app is optimized especially for them.

This can help you get more verified steps than you would get with an older model of mobile phone and gadgets.

Make sure to have latest models for better results.

9. Get higher SWC earning limit plan

If you walk to school or like walking a lot in general. Which is a must if your goal is to get more Sweatcoins.

It’s best if you have one of the higher-tiers Sweatcoin plans that cost no real money!

10. Keep battery life at 100%

This may be obvious but sometimes, we all forget to charge our phone’s battery and it ends up dying after a few hours.

If that happens, all the Sweatcoins that haven’t been converted for that day and the ones you would get for going back home to charge it, will be lost.

11. Activate phone’s GPS

Some phones has the option to allow your Location services to be used at all times.

Enabling this feature will make the app run smoothly and award you more Sweatcoins, while walking, running or exercising for fitness.

12. Don’t forget your daily streaks

There’s a new feature now on Sweatcoin that allows you to watch an ad daily and in return you earn Sweatcoins.

The first day you watch an ad you earn 1 Sweatcoin, the second you earn 2 Sweatcoins and the third you earn 4 Sweatcoins.

You can get up to 15 Sweatcoins/week if you do this everyday. Which is equal to 3 maxed out walking days on the basic Sweatcoin plan.

13. Keep shaking your phone

There’s various reports going around Reddit & other websites saying that you get Double the amount of Sweatcoins if you shake your phone while walking/running.

It’s worth a shot, but I’m sure it only works on specific models of phones. So try it out and just be careful of not triggering the Sweatcoin protection algorithm.

You’ll earn multiple times the amount of Sweatcoins if you follow our guide on how to get more Sweatcoins.

If you are having trouble, ask for help via the official Sweatcoin website.


People most times, do think there is a way to cheat or hack Sweatcoin app to get more SWCs, but that is not in any way true.

You can earn multiple times the amount of Sweatcoins, if you follow my guide on how to get more Sweatcoins.

Don’t forget, the goal is to get 21 million verified steps, so you can enjoy one of those Marathon offers. After all, we are all here for it.

Who wouldn’t love a free iPhone or $1000?

But, if you don’t think you can do it, you can also use your extra earned Sweatcoins on other offers, as there are plenty free offers like phone cases, bags, sunglasses and even clothes.

If you are persistent enough, and follows my guide, you will be able to get to your goal easily. It will take less time than it will normally take to meet good results.