In this disclosure, The Crypto Staunch blog is committed to ensuring that your trust and safety is fully guarded or protected.

However, am going to disclose how The ‘Staunch makes money from this website using different means he deemed good enough and without distraction.

I’d love to be transparent with you and the entire Crypto Staunch community.

Advert disclosure

This website existence is sustained by display advertisements, and that is to say we generate funds we need to pay for hosting, domain purchase, SSL certificates etc.

The income are simply made from displaying ads in the blog post contents on this cryptocurrency website.

In as much as the fund helps me to maintain online presence, I also have my visitors in mind, and that’s why these ads are not in any way obstructive.

Affiliate disclosure

Just so you know, this site is reader supported! Brands, products or services mentioned in the articles may be affiliate links to their respective brands.

If you use any of these links, some commission would be paid to me, but at no extra cost to you (i.e. you will not pay more when going through them).

Sponsorship disclosure

The Crypto Staunch may offer services in sponsored articles, ICO write-ups, and product reviews for some compensation paid.

All sponsored content is marked appropriately, so The Crypto Staunch users can easily identify it.

However, I only recommend products and services that am using myself, or believe will provide value to my readers.

Though, I still urge you to do your own research and make educated decisions.

Oftentimes, some deals not available elsewhere, are negotiated specifically for my visitors, due to good standing and connections I’ve gotten in the crypto-sphere.

Additionally, it helps me continue to offer you lots of free stuff and support.

My goal with this site is to help the community find the best resources to help beginners get into world of cryptocurrencies, and share awesome content with a weekly newsletter and guides.

Most of the income will be reinvested into creating useful tools and improving this site.

To be super honest with you, a small bit of the goal is to have a cup of coffee on the side, as am giving you free guides and tips.

I hope you don’t mind?