The Crypto Staunch is now available for sponsorships, paid reviews and advertisement for cryptocurrency products or services.

Since weekly sponsorship is now exclusive, this should be the only way to promote your product and services to The ‘Staunch diverse audience.

Advertising on this website isn’t like most other places on the Internet.

When you advertise on this cryptocurrency blog, your lifetime partnership is considered to be retained no matter the duration of your sponsored or advert campaign.

Note: The Crypto Staunch does not accept free promotional article at the moment, so that is to say, there will be no response to any message relating to such. Business inquiries only, please.

In other words, all request to advertise any crypto product or services, as well as features on this blog, will be treated as advertisement.

How adverts are accepted

Here at Crypto Staunch, only sponsored content that are crafted with the blog audience in mind are approved to be posted publicly.

I’ll always write about any product, or service am promoting through by myself, because I only work with advertisers, whose products and/or services are good for recommendation.

Therefore, even when your campaign ends, chances are; you can expect me to still talk about/recommend your product and/or service in the future.

This also helps my site visitors, myself, as well as you (the sponsor), because it will not be biased on fund that was paid to me. And am very picky about who we work with.

The ‘Staunch provides the following advert options:

  • Sponsored Articles
  • Website Banners
  • Newsletter
  • Reviews.

Sponsored Content and/or Pre-Releases

Sponsored and Press Release articles appear on a dedicated category, and as latest blog post on the blog page. Also, the promotional content will also be shared on all of our social media pages several times.


  1. Articles need to have a minimum of 800 words;
  2. Preferably, provide a unique image for the article cover, but you can also add images within the article;
  3. The content must be of best quality written by a professional (either you or me);
  4. Preferably provide unique content.

Banner Advertisement

When it comes to banner advertisements, we display the following formats:

  • A 350×100 (before and/or after content) mobile banner on all post pages
  • A 728×90 (before and/or after content) banner on all post pages
  • A 300×250 in-article banner

Crypto content writing services

We offer content writing services for any cryptocurrency-related topic. This includes Guest Posts, Reviews, Guides and more.

The content can be posted on this blog (for once or on a daily/weekly/monthly basis), or on any other cryptocurrency related website and/or blog of your choice.

Delivery time

If it’s provided by you, each article will become live in maximum one business day after we have confirmed the payment.

If the text that needs to be published is provided by us, then it will become live within 3 business days, after we have confirmed the payment.

Payment options

We accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and USD Tether (USDT), or via Bank Wire Transfer.

Guest Posting

If you’re only interested in promotion without using any of the aforementioned options mentioned above, please leave us alone.

Publishing guest posts on The Crypto Staunch must be an educational content, and not any sort of promotional content.

The submitter can, however, on special request, add only one link that leads back to their website.

For genuine contributors

If you’re a genuine contributor seeking to increase his exposure in the online world, and especially in the crypto domain, then you can submit cryptocurrency-related articles on this blog for free (but only if necessary).

Note: This does not include references such as links, promotional content, promotional images, including the contributor’s own/personal blog.

Each contributor will receive a personal account that includes a short description (in the author’s bio section). Any and each Guest Post will also be shared on all of the social media pages several times by the contributor.

Guest post requirements:

You can write as many posts as you like, but it they must follow the guidelines as stated below:

  1. Content must be 100% unique and highly-qualitative
  2. Articles need to have a minimum of 1,000 words
  3. You must provide a unique image for the article
  4. Must list all resource for citation if needed to

Gambling and e-Gaming contents

The Crypto Staunch does not accept Gambling and e-Gaming contents at the moment.

If you have inquiry, unanswered question, or want to request for a special service, feel free to contact The ‘Staunch directly.