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SweatCoin fun app is really paying people to walk!

Personally, i don’t really like trekking on the road, but ever since i downloaded this app into my phone, i figured out that i find it fun taking a walk to places like Church, the park and some other short distant places.

Like i said already, I don’t like walking for a long distance, but SweatCoin has made that mindset a past to my daily routines sometimes.

These days I’ve found myself taking little longer walks, and have also started doing early morning road walk and exercises to keep the coins coming in.

At this point, i will like to dive into SweatCoin reviews, to reveal all features that are available in this app that pays you to walk around.

What is SweatCoin app?


SweatCoin is an app that gives you points as digital currency, which can be redeemed, or used to buy what is available in the app marketplace as you walk around your neighbourhood, or even taking a walk to the nearest park.

The name SweatCoin was derived from two words: Sweat-Coin.

This means that you only earn some coins for sweating, while taking a walk around your own neighbourhood.

Although, this app will not make you rich, but you can earn some bucks walking around with SweatCoin APK been installed properly on your mobile gadget.

Just make sure not to set an unrealistic expectations to how much you can make.

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Can you cheat SweatCoin with hack?

No doubt, you are among those people looking for how to cheat SweatCoin, or hack it into counting for steps, while you’re on a bike or treadmills using some kind of SweatCoin generator APK cheat app.

If you are looking for how to hack SweatCoin, please forget it now, because i don’t think it will work with the recent updates that has been coming to the SweatCoin APK file to stop cheats that can hack SweatCoin.

Is SweatCoin legit or scam?

Let me clear your mind right here – SweatCoin is not a scam at all!

It really pays in its own digital currency (SWC), to anyone that has this application installed on their phone while walking outside your house – there is nothing like SweatCoin scam yet.

Is SweatCoin free?

Yes of course! The SweatCoin app is freemium software, and you don’t need to use money from your bank account to purchase anything on the application.

How does SweatCoin actually work?

Getting Paid To Walk Around

To use this app to earn some money, while doing what you can do naturally, you will have to follow these steps to get it to start working for you. So in order to know

Install SweatCoin app

First of all, you will need to download and install the app on your smartphone and you can get free SweatCoins when you download using my own link.

Start walking or running

Once you are done with setting up the SweatCoin app on your mobile phone gadget, you can just minimize it to keep running in the background as you walk around with the phone in your pocket.

Every time you walk outside, the app will register how many steps you took and will reward you around 0.95 SWC coins for every 1,000 steps you take.

This is not an awesome figure, but it will definitely add up, as you keep using the app in background, while taking some walk or even run around.

Exchange SWC for in-app rewards

As soon as you start earning enough SweatCoins, you can exchange them for one of the many rewards that appears everyday in the daily offers.

Before, when SweatCoin started out newly, it use to offer mostly fitness and sports related products, but now, you can find restaurant discounts, holiday vouchers, or even an iPhone XS with about 20,000 SweatCoins – whoops!!!

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How does SweatCoin pay you?

Sweatcoin App

There are up-to 3 ways you can use to earn from SweatCoins:

Walking or running

This is the major way to earn money with SweatCoin app! Just grab you smart mobile gadget, and let the app be running in the background, while you go outside to start walking or jugging (if you want to do exercise).

Mind you that there are daily cap to SweatCoins you can earn. When you get the app installed in your phone, you are made a free user on the mover subscription levels automatically.

While on the free level, you are allowed to earn up-to 5 SWCs per day (which is roughly 5,000 steps daily), and about 150 SweatCoins monthly. But if you want to earn more every day, you may need to go for the paid subscriptions.

These paid subscriptions can be subscribed with the already earned SWCs in your wallet, as that is the only way to pay for those subscriptions. Let us take a look at how much each subscription level can earn you every month below:

Shaker level

This subscription level can earn you up-to 10 SWCs (i.e. 10,000 steps) daily, and up-to 300 SWCs monthly.

Quaker level

The Quaker subscription level can earn you up-to 15 SWC (i.e. 15,000 steps) every day, and up-to 450 SWCs every month.

Breaker level

At breaker subscription level, you can earn up-to 20 SWCs (i.e. 20,000 steps) daily, and about 600 SWCs monthly. All these subscriptions goes on the same price amount, and that is 4.75 SWC monthly to subscribe.

All these subscription levels depends on how much time do you devote to walking. If you are the type that walks everyday to your work places, you can move the subscription to a level of your choice, but depending on steps you can comfortably achieve every day.

Daily bonus points

Yet another way for you to earn SweatCoins, is by simply watching some of the video ads within the SweatCoin app.

You can find the daily rewards when you go-to the marketplace screen and click ‘Claim it now’ which is under the daily reward module, then watch 40 seconds short advertisement from start to finish, then you will be rewarded 1 SWC once you finish watching the video ad.

SweatCoin affiliate

If you are a blogger, or own a social media account that has good number of fans, you can make money faster by referring your friends and family to get 5 SweatCoins on each person that gets the app using your affiliate program link to register.

The more people you refer to this paid to walk app, the more SweatCoins you will be earning from each registration.

Want to earn easily with SweatCoin as an influencer? You can join affiliate to start promoting using either Instagram, or Snapchat as a paid influencer!

If you have a website or blog just like this one you are reading, all you have to do is to get your followers to download and install the app on their gadgets using the unique SweatCoin affiliate program link giving to you from the app.

Once you have reached up-to and have gotten 30 invites using your unique link, you will get access to the influencer marketplace where you can earn up-to $1,000 per day.

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How to spend SweatCoins

Get Paid To Walk

In the ways to spend the SweatCoins you have earned, there are 2 types of offers you can use to spend your SWC coins, and they are:

  • Daily offers
  • Marathon offers
  • SweatCoin to PayPal

1. Daily offers

SweatCoin has up-to 160 brands that pays them to promote their products on the app, and there are many things you will be able to choose from; cloths and jewelries, shaving products, skin products, holiday vouchers, restaurant discount vouchers etc.

All these offers vary a lot in prices, but you can get some of them for as low as 4 SweatCoins, or as much as 1,500 SweatCoins.

You will always see new offers everyday, and on the marketplace by 8 AM.

2. Marathon offers

These offers are called marathon for a certain reason. It can take you long time to get these offers – and we are talking about years right here!

Marathon offer has some awesome products rewards though:

  1. iPhone XS
  2. $1,000 cash paid gadgets
  3. Up-to $4,000+ paid holiday voucher etc.

Trying to get these kinds of offers will take you months (if not years) to save up some SweatCoins for them. Though everything depends on how smart you are to get those coins as fast as possible, by purchasing friends your friends that have earn enough of those coins in their wallets.

Since SweatCoin app let you transfer the coins between accounts just like the way you can transfer any cryptocurrency from wallet to another wallet.

You can combine efforts with your friends and family, or even employ some people that will be taking longer walk everyday to add up their SweatCoins in your own wallet to earn these amazing marathon offers much faster.

3. SweatCoin PayPal

SweatCoin PayPal transfer is the only way which you can use to get real money out of SweatCoin app. As the marketplace keeps changing frequently, some days you will find offers to redeem your SWC via PayPal gift cards to convert your SweatCoin to USD.

You will be seeing this offer most of the times, if you keep referring plenty people to the app using your unique SweatCoin affiliate link. Though you will need high SweatCoin balance to be able to withdraw your money through PayPal, and then to your bank account.

If you can get up-to 100 people to download the app through your link, you can redeem it for $100 PayPal gift card. However, there is no way yet on how to link SweatCoin to PayPal account for easy withdrawal and redemption.

If you are looking for how to convert SweatCoins to real money, read tutorial that will guide you on how to transfer SweatCoin money to bank account using PayPal that is available as offer in the SWC app, as there is no SweatCoin to USD converter.

Pros of SweatCoin

Knowing that you will earn some money for walking can make you to walk more than you normally do. It may seem a bit silly to do so, but once you start, you will find out that you will be caught up with the fun.

Sharing and joining the SweatCoins you earned with your friends and family can help you to grab great rewards faster.

Update: The SweatCoin app can now analyze your indoor steps, so you can also walk around in you house and get the steps counted.

Cons of SweatCoin

Your steps are only counted when you walk outside your house, because it uses the GPS to analyse your steps, while you are walking around.

Though, in their recent updates, they stated that SweatCoin app can now count the indoor steps too, but i still doubt if it will be as perfect as when you are walking outside.

Since i have started using this app that pays you to walk, i have not noticed any negative effect on my phone battery life, but due to the fact that you will have to leave the app running in the background, it is sure to bother on the processing resource power of your mobile phone.

To avoid your phone heating up due to being on constantly with internet data, try and activate your power saver mode and also make sure you make use of fast internet network services.

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Let me answer some of the frequently asked questions I found online for the SweatCoin paid to walk app.

Does SweatCoin work when your phone is off?

The SweatCoin App uses your mobile phone GPS sensors to track movement and activity throughout the day.

Because connecting via GPS to a satellite uses data, SweatCoin will not reward you with steps if your cellular data is turned off on your smartphone, whether Android, iPhone, or other.

Does SweatCoin work when app is closed?

Force closing SweatCoin stops the app from running, meaning that step counting is no longer going to work.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to count and verify steps when the app has been quit. However, this is also different from having the SweatCoin app running in the background (i.e. simply returning to your phone home screen to use other apps).

Does SweatCoin work on a treadmill?

Sweatcoin app doesn’t count indoor steps, so your treadmill time and gym classes will not count as well.

Also, the app typically counts far fewer steps than other fitness-tracking apps (the company says this is to deter potential cheaters). Despite its limitations, the app has been a hit with users.

Don’t you think SweatCoin is a scam?

Nope! It’s a mobile phone application (for both Android and iPhone), which has a legitimate digital currency that you can earn while exercising.

Does SweatCoin work on apple watch?

SweatCoin is designed to work with iPhones and the Apple Watch on the Apple side, though, only the newer iPhone devices are compatible.

Does SweatCoin work on a bike?

SweatCoin does not say anywhere that bike riding is not intended – it’s still physical activity, albeit a bit less strenuous, and that is to say, it can count bike riding as steps, especially when you are moving.

Does SweatCoin work with FitBit?

The app can ONLY use data from your smartphone’s GPS, and it only tracks steps you take outside.

Also, the app has to be running on your phone for it to work. This means that unlike other apps, you can’t connect your fitness tracker (like FitBit).

Does SweatCoin really work?

Since you are simply going to get paid to walk around both indoors, outdoors and anywhere, I would say that SweatCoin is worth it though.

If not for the rewards, at least it will incentivize you to work harder somehow, and research have also proven that people who installed this app on their phones tend to stay fit most of the times.

Even though you can legitimately get paid to walk with this app, you cannot make huge amount of money with SweatCoin app, and currently, you can only withdraw up-to $20 maximum using PayPal.

Additionally, you can still redeem your SWC coins, and use them to get some more discount on products listed inside the app’s shop. You can buy iPhone also if you get up-to 20,000 SWCs.

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SweatCoin Review
SweatCoin Review 1

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