How to Switch Between Binance Lite & Pro

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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Binance Lite and Pro are the popular versions of the platform.

When it comes to the usage of any cryptocurrency exchange, users require ease of access.

In that case, reputable crypto exchanges like Binance can allow you to switch from lite to the professional version.

This feature helps to simplify use of the exchange features based on your level of experience.

However, you can easily switch between Binance Pro and Lite versions very swiftly.

Binance Lite vs Professional

By default, the Lite version of the cryptocurrency exchange will be selected for you instantly.

It offers better usability than Binance Pro for most beginners.

You can easily check prices and purchases without complicated order books and charts.

The interface of Binance Lite is simple and user-friendly.

The homepage has a basic dashboard, where you can see a list of cryptocurrency prices.

While Binance Lite is for beginners, the Pro version is for more experienced users who like to use order book and advanced features.

Simply put – Binance lite is an interface that is suited for beginners, Binance pro is for advanced investors.

In other words, let’s learn how to switch from Binance Pro to Lite and vise versa, on the exchange app.

How to switch to Binance Lite

To switch to Binance Lite, you need to log in to the Binance app and tap on the profile icon.

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Once you’ve tapped on the profile icon, a menu will open, and at the top you’ll see the ‘Binance Lite’ option.

Tap on it to enable the ‘Binance Lite’ with basic featured dashboard that is meant for beginners.

For beginners, Binance Lite is just a concise way to buy and sell crypto-coins, with ease of access to view your assets.

Fundamentally, Binance Lite was created to simplify the app for users.

If you’re using Binance to buy and sell cryptocurrency, it’s recommended that you use the Lite version instead of the Pro version

How to switch to Binance Pro

To change Binance Lite to Pro, you need to log in to the mobile app with your account details.

Then tap on the profile icon, a menu will open, and at top of the menu you’ll see a ‘Binance Lite’ option.

Tap on it to turn off the ‘Binance Lite’ basic interface, and switch to the Binance Pro complex dashboard.

It contains multiple options including ‘Margin’, ‘Auto-Invest’, ‘Swap Farming’ and many other features.

If you don’t use any of these features, it’s recommended that you use Binance Lite as it is more suitable for beginners.

Should I use Binance Lite or Pro?

As a beginner, Binance Lite is simple and better, while Binance Pro offers more advanced options for professional users.

Does using Binance Pro cost money?

Using Binance Pro does not cost extra fees on the exchange mobile app.

Can I change Binance Lite to Pro on desktop?

As at the time of writing this guide, the platform does not have this feature on the desktop version, but just on the official mobile app.

Final thoughts

If you’re an experienced investor, the Pro version offers the classic Binance app experience.

Experienced or active users can take advantage of the robust interface.

You can also grow your invested assets with Binance Earn, buy or sell crypto using the P2P platform and access Futures.

On the other hand, the Lite version has a simple-to-use interface to just buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

If you’re still confused on which version to use, you can try them out yourself.

You can switch between Binance Lite and Binance Pro at any time by accessing the menu.

Keep in mind that desktop version of Binance does not have the Lite version as it’s only the mobile app that has this feature.