How to Buy Crypto with BPay on Binance

Using BPay to buy cryptocurrency have never been easier.

The cheapest and secure way to buy crypto with BPay is through the Binance platform for cryptocurrency.

BPay is one of the easiest ways to stay in control of your bill payments from the security of your online banking.

You can buy Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies on the platform directly using BPay payment service.

The entire process to investing in digital assets with this method only takes few minutes to complete.

If you’re in Australia and would like to invest in crypto using BPay as payment method, you should keep reading.

In this article, we will guide you safely on the processes involved in buying crypto asset on Binance with BPay.

Let’s dive straight into it right away!

How to buy Bitcoin with BPay

To make this tutorial simple, we’re assuming that you already have an account on Binance platform, and also know your way around it.

Otherwise, you can register an account right now, then complete the AML/KYC verification to start using the crypto exchange.

Binance is one of the largest and most trusted exchange with millions of people using the platform everyday.

If you’re still new to the exchange platform, I would suggest you read my detailed review on Binance.

However, you should follow these steps below to purchase BTC on Binance using BPay:

  1. Deposit funds using BPay transfer
  2. Go to the ‘Markets’ tab
  3. Select the ‘BTC/AUD’ market
  4. Enter the amount of AUD you want to spend
  5. Finally, click on ‘Buy Bitcoin’ button.

Once the transaction is successful, the cryptocurrency will be credited to your exchange account wallet instantly.

BPay is a payment method/platform that allows customers to pay their bills using their phone or online banking.

It’s a convenient way to manage finances without late payments, as you can schedule them in advance and track them all in one place.

Additionally, users also earn rewards points for every transaction they make using the bank payment service.

To use BPay in Australian bank account, simply log into your online banking account and choose the BPAY option.

It can also be connected to exchange platforms to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with it.

Closing words

As we stated earlier, Bpay payment service is making it very convenient and secured to buy cryptocurrencies in Australia.

You can securely purchase Bitcoin and other tokens with BPay, and get access to a wide range of features including low fees and an NFT marketplace.

Lastly, but not the least, do not leave your crypto investment on an online wallet, no matter secured.

If there happen to be any hack on the exchange or your account, you may face crypto risk of loosing everything at an instant.

Personally, I will suggest purchasing a hardware wallet (if you have money to secure your crypto) due to their advance security.

If you’re still new to these wallets, maybe you can read my reviews on Ledger Nano X and Ledger Stax.

I recommend ledger wallets, because they are among the best offline cold storage storage devices for keeping crypto away from thefts.

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