How to Shill Your Non-Fungible Token

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
An accountant who turned cryptopreneur to pursue my interest in crypto and decentralized finance. Let me show you how to invest safely in the space with my experience over the years.

Shilling NFT is a popular marketing tactic for most influencers.

It simply mean an act of promoting non-fungible token projects online in the hope of enticing investors enough to purchase it.

NFT shilling meaning is not that different from the real-world definition.

Generally, it’s acceptable for ambitious artists to shill their own NFT projects, institutional investors are suspicious of celebrity shilling.

This is because, they may be paid for advertising.

They are also seen as less credible than crypto enthusiasts, or financial experts, so their financial advice about NFTs is questionable.

If you just launched a non-fungible asset and searching for a way to promote it, keep reading to find out how to shill your NFT successfully.

Let’s get started!

How to shill NFT asset

As an influencer, if you want to earn advertising fees from crypto companies, you will have to create buzz by shilling NFTs.

Below is how you can successfully market and reach the right audience that will buy into your project.

1. Create engaging content

You need to build engagement with your target audience, and that’s why you need to share interesting stories about your NFT projects.

It’s also good if you share some promotional pictures of the asset, while you’re telling the background story.

Avoid spamming people’s feed by adding variety and filters, so your content doesn’t appear as one-note.

2. Build active community

People may be curious, so be responsive and answer their questions, drop links or genuine give information.

You’ll never know which commenter will turn out to be a big buyer, and your effort could help you earn billions of dollars.

3. Become an authority

You’ll need to successfully position yourself as an authority to build trust and credible person in crypto spaces.

Join Reddit, Telegram and Discord to connect with crypto enthusiasts and talk about your NFT project.

These social media channels are great places for making valuable connections and picking up tips about blockchain technology.

Doing this will gradually make you look more experienced and knowledgeable about NFTs, instead of just another link-dropper.

I’ve also noticed seen some people buy NFT assets and try to increase the value by hook ‘n’ crook.

All they want is to dump their worthless NFT projects by creating false hype.

Sometimes, they even go as far as sending hundreds and thousands of social media messages trying to shill NFTs.

Do not follow this process, as it will not only yield no fruit, but it will simply make you less credible in the eyes of potential investors.

Flooding the internet with your NFT links isn’t an ideal way to shill your NFT, and you may even create bad name for the project or brand.

Over to you

The most important thing while shilling an NFT is, to be honest, open, and ready to accept criticism.

Overall, the community is supportive, and you will likely receive positive feedback as long as you act professional and friendly to them.

People shill all the time, and it’s about sharing some information about an NFT.

Once you’re letting people know about a product by selling or marketing it, shilling is exactly what you are doing.

If you are receiving positive feedback from shilling and you have not misled anyone, there is nothing bad about it.

Social media, telegram, and even Youtube can be great platforms for shilling.

Ensure that you always do NFT shilling with caution, so its perceived value will not be lowered.

Most of all, have fun and make sure you support others who shill their work as well.

You can help others who are shilling by sharing their posts, providing constructive criticism and liking their work.

If you really enjoy someone’s shilled NFT, you can invest in it yourself to support the creator, which in turn, they may do the same for you.