How to Sign Out MetaMask Wallet Account

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Author: Mr. KingsHOK
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Logging out of MetaMask can be confusing for a novice.

The MetaMask Wallet does not offer any functionality which enables users to easily log in, or log out of their crypto wallet.

Unlike some other wallets out there, MetaMask doesn’t offer a simple logout, and its new users often get confused when trying to log out.

However, the only method to logout of MetaMask, is by removing and clearing data from the browser or device which it’s installed.

In this article, you will learn how to easily sign out of MetaMask wallet using the simplest method possible.

Let’s get started!

How to sign out MetaMask account

If you want to remove your current MetaMask wallet account and import new one, there’s no need to log out.

You can just remove or uninstall the wallet, and reinstall it to import the wallet using your recovery phrase.

Otherwise, you can simply follow the simple steps below, to get your MetaMask account signed out.

  1. Open your MetaMask home screen
  2. Click on the wallet account icon
  3. Go-to ‘My Accounts’ section
  4. Click on ‘Lock’ button to log out.

Once that’s done, the cryptocurrency wallet account will be logged out on that particular device.

In conclusion

Logging out of your Metamask wallet when it is not in use, is a good way to secure your funds from people with malicious intents.

Once your wallet is locked, it can only be accessed using your account password, or the secret recovery phrase of your wallet.

You can always add a layer of security to MetaMask by using a hardware wallet alongside it.

The USB device wallets are generally more secured, and less vulnerable to attacks, since they only connect to the internet when necessary.

If you were searching for how to logout of your MetaMask wallet, I hope this guide helped you do that easily.