How to Transfer SweatCoin to PayPal

A lot of people are constantly looking for how to convert SweatCoin to USD.

To be successful in the SweatCoin conversion to PayPal, you will need to understand the processes you need to transfer your earned SweatCoin money to your bank account.

SweatCoin is one of the best apps that pay people to walk with incentives and gifts, and it is doing so in a very interactive manner.

SweatCoin can pay when you are walking, running, cycling, or even exercising in the outdoor, and you can use the SweatCoins earned to buy offer of your choice in the app marketplace.

These offers include gift cards, clothes, sport wears, food, membership card, electronic gadgets, music download etc. But sometimes, you can also find Amazon and PayPal gift card offers, though they always sell out fast.

Just after writing about apps that can pay you to walk, and most of my visitors started sending me mail asking me these questions am going to be answering below.

If you have not heard about this app, or maybe you have an idea, but don’t really know what it is in detail, I recommend you read my SweatCoin detailed review first of all.

Let us begin…

Shall we?

Does SweatCoin give you real money?

The answer is obviously – Yes! It does give money to people that wants use it to make money on the side, but it’s not a straight-forward thing.

Can SweatCoins be converted to PayPal?

Swc Paypal Money

There are different ways to converting your SweatCoins to PayPal and then to real cash. You can simply sell it to other people, or get it sold for PayPal money, or even exchanged for amazon gift cards.

The blockchain does not have a direct on-demand SweatCoin PayPal funds transfer feature. The app also lack an exchange where buyers and sellers to interact, just Bitcoin and all other Altcoin cryptocurrencies.

How to cashout on SweatCoin

The only way to get paid through PayPal, is when you find buyer for your SWC coins and then have them pay for it using PayPal. You can find prospective buyers on Discord chat room, or Sub-Reddit page.

Note: Don’t trade your SweatCoins on trust with a stranger that you don’t really know, because you stand the chance of loosing your SWC coins instantly to a scammer.

It takes patience and hard-work to earn money from SweatCoin blockchain, but you really need to save your coins.

Can you transfer SweatCoin to PayPal?

The easiest way to getting up-to 20,000 SWC coins, or more is effortlessly buying coins from other users. There are also people who are willing to buy these SweatCoins and pay for them with PayPal money.

Talking about SweatCoin conversion to USD, this is the only way to convert SweatCoin to USD, which can be paid directly into you bank account if you so choose.

Is SweatCoin app legit?

Like i will always tell you – SweatCoin is legitimate and not a scam. I once clearly explained in the SweatCoin review, it isn’t a scam cryptocurrency project.

Should i save my SweatCoins?

Absolutely! You should be saving your earned SWC coins as there will eventually come a time when you can trade your SweatCoins on an official crypto exchange platform for other Altcoin cryptocurrencies, though it will still be a penny cryptocurrency by then.

How much is 1,000 SweatCoin worth?

Each SweatCoin may not worth that much currently, as it’s not even listed on the CoinMarketCap yet, but when you divide $1,000 by 20,000 SWCs, this will give you about $0.05 each – and that is the worth currently.

How many steps is 20,000 SweatCoins?

Sweatcoin App

Since 0.95 SweatCoin is exactly equal to 1,000 verified steps counted. Then the mathematics you be like; 20,000 divided by 0.95 multiply by 1,000 – it will give you up-to 21,052,632 verified steps (i.e. 20,000 SWCs = 21,052,632 steps).

Finally on how to cashout on Sweatcoin

By now you already know that there’s no way on how to link SweatCoin to PayPal for withdrawing real money, if not by using the gift cards offers in the app marketplace, or you simply sell to someone that needs it.

Just keep walking, or running to generate more SweatCoins to store in the app wallet, because like i said earlier, there will come a time when this coin will be valuable as a cryptocurrency project.

In other words, have fun with this newest app that pays to walk, run or exercise.